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Obtaining A Copy
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Two Irish Lads
An award-winning novel by Gerry Burnie
Two Irish Lads Sean and Patrick McConaghy are two young cousins who set sail from their native Ireland on St. Patrick's Day, 1820. After a long and eventful crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, they tackle the mighty St. Lawrence River in an open voyageur canoe to settle in a part of the wilderness of Upper Canada that would later become York Region.
Along the way, they unexpectedly discover their emotional and physical love for one another - a relationship that at the same time was regarded as a Capital offence.
From that moment onward they are not only challenged by the daunting task of carving a homestead out of the vast, primeval forest, but also the ever present danger of living as a devoted couple in a situation where the possibilities of humiliation and death almost certainly await them if their secret should be discovered.
With this novel, Gerry Burnie, historian and first-time novelist, has crafted a story about pioneering in the rugged Canadian wilderness that is bound to challenge any previous concept of it.
Recipient of both the prestigious iUniverse Editor's Choice and Publisher's Choice awards, the Two Irish Lads is a wonderfully refreshing novel about a subject that would be controversial even if it were set sometime in the past thirty years.
Gerry Burnie's expert understanding of pioneer life is also evident throughout.
  • Written in a journal-entry format, the narrative is so authentically presented that the reader will almost think the author lived and worked during that time.
  • He has also seamlessly integrated some authentic history lessons into the story, so without realizing it, it becomes an enjoyable learning experience as well.
  • Equally notable is the fact that many of the social issues he addresses so insightfully, remain just as current and controversial as they were nearly two hundred years ago.
From every standpoint-whether it is the young lovers' struggle to overcome the various challenges that confront them; a refreshing look at a romantic era from a new and distinctive perspective; or as a well-researched account of pioneer life, it is a novel well worth consideration.
About The Author
Gerry Burnie signs copies of his book, Two Irish Lads
Now retired at the age of 70 years, Gerry Burnie has had a long and varied career. For twenty years prior to his retirement, he lectured on the topics of political science and law at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto, Canada. Following that career he turned his interest to history, and lectured for a further five years on the topic of early pioneer settlement in Ontario. In addition, he has been an actor, singer, dancer, artist and municipal politician at various times in his life. These pursuits have been somewhat curtailed on account of his age, but not his energetic spirit. A second novel is now in the works.
He currently makes his home in Orillia, Ontario, but prior to this he was a fifth-generation resident of the Town of Georgina (which includes the Hamlet of Baldwin - the setting of his novel).