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Your local community connection.
Use this form to tell us about a company, organization or service provider that we should include in our resource directory.

You don't need to complete all items - just enough so we can identify and validate the resource that you're suggesting.

If you're suggesting your own company or organization, please be aware that suggested resources only show basic information and usually only appear in search results. Also, we can only add companies and service providers that have retail or office premises within the area served by this website. Click the Advertising link at the bottom of the screen if you would like to add a featured entry to our resource directory. Featured entries can contain comprehensive information, are not limited by these restrictions and are presented at the top of selected categories without any need for a keyword search.
Company or Organization Information
The trading name or publicly known name of the company, organization or service provider.
Web Site:
Telephone numbers must start with the three digit area code, without the leading '1' digit. To include an extension number, after the phone number, you will need to type the letter x followed by the extension number.
Toll Free Phone:
Location Information
Information in this section relates to the location at which the company or organization operates and serves its clients. If there are multiple locations and these are listed on the company's webpage, please mention this in the comment box at the bottom of this form. Alternatively, you may submit a separate suggestion form for each location.
Location Name:
A location name is only applicable for stores or offices that are located within a mall or other premises with a well-known name.
Public Washrooms:
Wheelchair Accessible?
Special Directions:
As we display a map, special directions are only needed for locations that are difficult to find.
The box below may be used to provide any general comments you have. These will not be published on the website.